LOVE IS IN THE AIR – Events to fall in love for

Most people think of events as big, expensive happenings organized by companies. But there are lots of events to celebrate in your private life as well: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings… But before you can actually celebrate these, you have to work on your partnership, meaning: Showing your partner your love.

In general, I am a supporter of showing love in a partnership every single day and I know that in relationships it is not done with a single symbol of love. However, Valentines Day was and is an important day to underline the love you feel for your partner.

Basically you can tackle Valentines Day like any other event: The more effort the donor puts into planning that day, the more the recipient will appreciate it. And another basic event rule also applies to Valentines Day: The event must be fitting for the target person. Meaning: Not everything that is preached by Valentines Gurus will be fitting for your partner! With all the planning and effort you put into it, don’t forget to focus on your partner. Of course you should have fun on this day as well, but first and foremost it is about making your partner happy.

Here are some ideas and tips:

The classic – Sending flowers to work. This one is a matter of taste. Sure, most people enjoy flowers and most people also enjoy showing off their presents in the office. However, some may find the attention that is generated by a flower delivery as too obtrusive. What about a small present instead that you smuggle into your partner’s lunch box or office bag? The surprise is certain and the recipient can decide whether to show the present off or not. If you plan something bigger, like a restaurant visit, you can also hide a teaser letter with “instructions” for the evening in the scheduler. This way the tension curve for your evening event starts at noon already.

As we are already on the topic – The restaurant reservation. If you want to make sure that your partner will definitely like your restaurant pick, choose your partners favourite restaurant. Should you want to try a new location instead, ask your partner in a roundabout way what their thoughts on this restaurant are. Attention: This shouldn’t happen the week before Valentines Day – that would be way too obvious. This should happen much earlier and on a side-note in a conversation: “Hey, there was a review of restaurant XY in the newspaper today. Have you ever heard of it? What are your thoughts on it?” This way you can get a basic feeling for what your partner thinks about your restaurant pick.

Once the restaurant is chosen, you have to make reservations! Remember to reserve in time! You are not the only one who is planning a Valentines Day surprise! If you want to take it a step further – in event language we say: if you want to stimulatingly surprise your partner – make arrangements with the restaurant. You know your partner’s favourite colours and flowers? Ask the restaurant if the table decoration can be adjusted accordingly. If the restaurant does not want to do the flower order, ask if you can do it and hand in the flowers in the morning, so that the restaurant just has to place them. You know your partner’s favourite cocktail? Ask the restaurant to bring it to your table right after you arrived, without you having to order it. You want your partner’s dessert to be decorated with a little message? Ask the restaurant for it. Usually restaurants are very accommodating, you just have to ask. These arrangements work best when you personally go to the restaurant in advance and talk it through. One more tip: Book your taxi to the restaurant in advance. Again, you are not the only couple on the road that evening.

You can take it a step further, if you plan a spa stay or a weekend trip. Basically the same applies as with the restaurant reservation: Start early enough with the planning! In most cases you can make arrangements with spas and hotels as well. Flowers and champagne in the room, a partner massage or a restaurant reservation for the evening, for example. Let the hotel know in advance what you would like to have.

For romantics – The picnic. In principle a picnic is a brilliant idea. However, in February it might be still a bit cold for a picnic. Let’s keep that idea in the back of your heads briefly. Recently “Netflix and chill” has become a synonym for a cozy TV-night with the possibility of an exchange of affections afterwards. How about, we combine these two things? A picnic in the living room, optionally with or without watching TV. Make room in your living room, away with the couch table, away with the armchairs. Get a cozy blanket, lots of cushions, a few candles or garden lanterns. You have big plants? Outstanding! These can serve as backdrops. You can place light chains in the plants to make the light situation more romantic. Get your partner’s favourite snacks, baguette, cheese, charcuterie, grapes, prosecco… Put relaxing music on and wait till your partner comes home. Depending on your taste you can watch Netflix or not and later on exchange affections… or not.

And if you want to take that another step further… how about a private restaurant at your home? For this one you need the help of one or better two friends. You have a hobby cook in your circle of friends? And he even owes you a favour? Jackpot! If not, just offer him to pay. Your friend, the hobby cook, is to make up a three-course dinner and cook it at your home on Valentines Day. Tip: Your friend should think of a menu that he already knows and that he feels comfortable with. Nothing would be more embarrassing now than a failed menu. Prepare everything that might be needed for the evening: drinks, cocktails, bread and spreads for the waiting time. Decorate your dining room: candles and light chains always help. Set the table: nice tablecloth and napkins, flowers, polished glasses and cutlery. Put on nice music.

If you want the game to be perfect, design a menu card. Instruct your partner to ring the bell before entering. The door is opened by one of your friends, jacket and office bag are taken off and your partner is brought to the dining room. You can wait there at the table. Get up, greet your partner. Your friend can bring the menu card and ask for the drink order. Now one course follows the other. You don’t need to do anything besides talking with your partner and planning your joint future. Your friends may leave once the last course was taken off the table. After that you have the apartment to yourself and can enjoy the night. Please do not forget to thank your friends the next morning!

I am sure that you can get some inspiration for your Valentines Day here. Lots of success to you! One last tip: Save the love flash mob and the fireworks for the proposal – you don’t want to shoot your bolt just yet. 😉

Should you have questions or need advice on planning your private or business events, please do not hesitate to contact me. Lot’s of love!